Active Speaker System for building , street , discos and clubs are at an affordable price

Active speakers

Online store offers to buy Kombousilitel.rf active acoustics for use in the home , in rooms with various activities , as well as on the streets at parties , clubs and other music , entertainment and social programs .

Active acoustics is a professional columnWhich provide a loud and high-quality sound without the use of expensive amplifiers . audio signal is applied between the speakers and the speaker power amplifier can be controlled by the latter in order to avoid overloading the system. In our shop presented a great variety of active speakers , which are the parameters (power, sound level ,frequency range ) can find the right premises for any squaring or outdoor use . When the complexity of selecting a consultant to help find speakers that will fit the purpose of use , meet the necessary specifications and design approach .
We have products powered speakers ( for the street, for the stage ,for schools and clubs ) from different manufacturers and in different price categories . With low level of knowledge about the speakers , you can rely on our professional advice to help you make a choice.

Features select the active speaker system

Should be defined in order Before you buy powered speakers ,in what way will amplify the sound . Depending on this, you can select the active speakers , which are already integrated in the amplifier or speakers can be bought without the amplifier in the presence of the amplifying apparatus.

When you purchase is necessary to take into account where the speaker will be installed . If you plan to put it in a remote place ,it can make maintenance of the amplifying element . Also you need to consider in advance what will be the source of the sound . In our store you can buy powered speakers with USB-in , with which you can connect directly to the audio from a laptop , tablet or smartphone. Today, active speaker with USB-in is widely used in bars , cafes ,small nightclubs . It is a very attractive solution for private use , as it allows to carry it with you on the nature without problems .
For budding musicians and bands , who are familiar with his creativity passers in different parts of the city , will suit complete with battery active acoustics, Which also can buy in our store . Most multifunction speaker models. For example, they can be used for karaoke.

Advantages of active acoustics

Unlike passive devices , active loudspeakers have several advantages :

• There is no need to connect other equipment , which helps to improve sound;
• no need to connect amplifiers are very expensive , as the power of the active speaker is sufficient for synchronous operation with a conventional amplifier or integrated ;
• no problems with overheating of the system , therefore, have a long service life ;
• This portable speaker system that can be moved ,transported from place to place quickly and be connected to work ;
• more accessible to the active loudspeakers prices as reinforcing element is already provided by the manufacturer.

In our store you will find another advantage - the most democratic in the active speaker for disco price at which you can save well ,as well as the free shipping that can reduce costs for the purchase. We provide goods to the manufacturer's warranty .


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