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  • Active acoustics of Hamersh LA-012 F760. Bluetooth.
    Portable acoustics of Hamersh LA-012 F760 Acoustics of Hamersh LA-012 F760 can be used on actions of various subject. I have perfectly recommended for holding weddings. The host speak why on the budgetary wedding to drag mountains of the equipment when it is possible to take an active portable..
    11,900.00 р.
    Based on 2 reviews.
  • Active speaker with USB MAO Y12-1
    Description MAO Y12-1: MAO is well-known company to all lovers of good sound , compact acoustic MAO Y12-1 system . Basically, the specification submitted speaker MAO Y12-1 is a professional speaker active type system .Speaker system ( AS) is presented and released in a fairly well-known and popul..
    7,900.00 р. 11,340.00 р.
  • Active speakers MAO LA- 015
    19,500.00 р.
    Active Speaker System , Bi-Amp, 300 W + 100 W , 12 " + 1,75 " , plastic casing , USB MP3- player , the possibility of suspension . Specifications Type : active 2-way , Bi-Amp frequency characteristic from 45 Hz to 20000 Hz The opening angle Horizontal: 90 ° Vertical: 60 ° rate..
    28,700.00 р.
  • Feiyang A10-3
    Feiyang A10-3 ..
    12,800.00 р.
  • Feiyang SL-15
    Feiyang SL-15 ..
    21,100.00 р.